IT solutions are critical in printing high-security documents such as passports and ID cards. IT solutions are used to ensure that the printing process is secure and tamper-proof. APO offers IT solutions and systems that support printing products.


IT systems are essential in high-security printing to ensure the security and authenticity of sensitive documents and help prevent counterfeiting, tampering, and fraud. IT systems are involved in printing passports, IDs, visas, and other government-issued documents. APO offers systems designed to store and manage large amounts of personal information, including biographical and biometric data.


APO offers integration and implementation of IT systems supporting the issuance and personalization of identity documents. Integration involves connecting multiple software applications or hardware components seamlessly, often through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or middleware. Integration aims to provide users with a unified view of data across different systems, improving efficiency and reducing errors.


APO has secure data centers for projects implemented by APO and made available for clients. Since data processing involves handling sensitive information, a data center is critical in ensuring data processing is conducted securely and in a reliable environment.