Bids & Awards Committee


Name Designation
Mr. Karl Paulo C. Damian Chairperson
Mr. Dominic F. Tajon Vice Chairperson
Ms. Daisy Galvadores Member
Ms. Myrna S. Lim Member
Ms. Carla P. Abobo Member
Ms. Josefina L. Omol Alternate Member



Name Designation
Ms. Ma. Theresa S. Ronquillo Head
Ms. Jolly Ann S. Bay Member
Ms. Ana Marie B. Oliva Member
Ms. Ma. Merla D. Escobar Member
Ms. Angelyn G. Panganiban Member
Lease of Machines and other Various Procurement (Vehicle and Machines)
Ms. Ednalyn S. Cortez Provisional TWG Member - Lead
Ms. Mylah P. Domingo Provisional TWG Member
Procurement of Various Papers, Inks and HR Related Procurement
Ms. Michelle B. Martinez Provisional TWG Member - Lead
Mr. RP P. Delos Reyes Provisional TWG Member
Ms. Marita S. Galvez Provisional TWG Member
IT Related Procurement
Mr. Jose Andrew Datu Provisional TWG Member
APO-LIMA Related Procurement
Mr. Al Guerrero Provisional TWG Member



Name Designation
Ms. Michelle B. Martinez OIC - Head
Ms. Jazel Micah G. Maguate Member
Mr. Renel P. Pomar Member
Ms. Mylah P. Domingo Member
Mr. RP P. Delos Reyes Member
Ms. Erlinda E. Diaz Ad hoc member
Ms. Joy M. Principe Ad hoc member